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NANOSOLUTIONS nanoparticles legislationA long term goal of NANOSOLUTIONS will be to create a set of biomarkers of ENM toxicity that are relevant in assessing and predicting the safety and toxicity of ENM across species.

ENM-organism interaction is complex and depends not simply on the composition of the ENM core, but particularly on its physicochemical properties, which are largely governed by their surface properties.

The development and application of ENM promises many benefits to both society and the global economy.

To ensure responsible development of this emerging technology, however, governance must be put into place to ensure that any potential risk posed by ENM is fully understood and controlled.

The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving for all substances and products. However, in the case of ENM, challenges are greater because on the nanoscale, properties of a material relevant to its safety and effectiveness may differ from those on the bulk scale.

To aid the responsible development of nanotechnologies, a “ENM safety classifier” – a computational based predictive principle for the assessment of ENM safety will be developed.

Based upon the resulting design and data requirements of the model, specification for a high throughput system for future testing and analysis of further refined or new ENMs will also be produced.

The final objective will be a model which will facilitate the prediction of hazard classification based on a minimal core set of input data, and is intended to be widely applicable by industry (in particular SMEs), regulators and academics involved in the development of nano-enabled materials.