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WP4 – Life-cycle analysis

Socorro Vázquez-Campos

WP4 is devoted to studying the transformation and release of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) along their life cycle (production, manufacturing, use and disposal) when used in existing applications or industrial processes, and the assessment of the environmental and health impacts of these releases.

Researchers have so far performed a selection of representative applications incorporating each ENM type to be studied during NANOSOLUTIONS. Additionally, a description of the life cycle stages of the ENMs depending on the application or consumer product where they are incorporated has been carried out, with special relevance being given to the life cycle stages beyond the manufacturing stage.

The life cycle stages that are most likely to result in the transformation of the ENMs and/or result in the release of ENMs have been identified, prioritising normal use conditions (releases generated in accidental scenarios have not been considered). On this basis, researchers in WP4 are currently designing and conducting experiments to investigate the release of ENMs from nanoproducts.

The work being performed in WP4 will help to validate the NANOSOLUTIONS hazard tool by comparing physicochemical characterisation and release results of simulations with the predictions given by the tool.

November 16th, 2014|Timeline Progress|

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