logo_inkoaInkoa is an engineering company specialized in the development of innovative and technological solutions for the Environmental and Agrifood Sectors.

Inkoa has the aim of promoting the sustainable development by the implementation of new technologies and methodologies at international level.

The R&D Department of Inkoa has been working since 1996 on different projects linked to sustainability, such as the development new methodologies and tools for life cycle assessment in several application fields, from the agrifood sector to the electronic and electrical equipment manufacturing sector.

Inkoa is actively involved in the research and development of novel technologies aiming at the sustainability, evaluating and developing tools as environmental- LCA, economic-LCC and social- SLCA life-cycle analysis. I

nkoa has developed own technologies based on ICT tools for the improved implementation of LCA, eco-design and waste management, working closely with the public and standardization bodies related to the environmental field. Also within this area of expertise, Inkoa has demonstrated experience in the evaluation of the impacts towards environment of very innovative technologies and products-as it is the case of nanotechnology- under a holistic and integrated perspective that covers all stages of product’s life cycle.

Key Personnel