logo_uleiThe University of Leipzig (ULEI) being founded in 1409 has recently celebrated its 600th anniversary. In the course of its diverse history, it grew to encompass a wide selection of disciplines comprising almost all areas of knowledge, with a special emphasis on the natural sciences and the humanities.

World-renowned scientists and scholars have taught or studied in Leipzig, and important impulses for the development of thought originated here. Current top-level research areas at ULEI related to the field of the project include multifunctional materials and processes in the nanoscale, biotechnology, and biomedical sciences.

The Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics (IMPB) has its focus on membranes, nano-engineering and cell biophysics for medical applications. IMPB is an integrative part of the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital and as such has full access to the facilities of this large life science research unit in the State of Saxony, Germany.

The departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are in walking distance of the IMPB adjoining the Medical Campus. The IMPB is equipped with NMR, IR, CLSM, AFM, Fluorescence and UV/VIS spectroscopy, FCS, Mass Spectrometry, Flow Cytometry, HPLC, cell culture facilities including S1 laboratories. Furthermore, the IMPB has access to the Ion Beam Microscopy facility (LIPSION), which is located at the Department of Physics. Concerning resolution and sensitivity it is one of the best worldwide.

Key Personnel