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WP3 – Materials

Erik Larsen and Manuel Correia

The first half of 2014 consisted of finishing the synthesis of the engineered nanomaterials (ENMs), which has now been completed. Present work, which is ongoing, involves the basic characterisation and development of dispersion protocols for the powder materials.

Up until now, more than half of the ENMs have been characterised by basic techniques (basic characterisation, e.g. dynamic light scattering) and dispersion protocols (standard operating procedures) have been sent to the toxicology partners for testing. The toxicology partners are now interacting with WP3 characterisation labs to perform assurance of the quality of the ENMs dispersions (quality assurance loop).

WP3 will now concentrate on advanced characterisation of the ENMs in order to establish a set of ENM characteristics (e.g. particle size, aspect ratio, release of ions, surface characteristics) as input for the ENM safety Classifier.

November 16th, 2014|Timeline Progress|

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