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eNanoMapper host new webinar

eNanoMapper are hosting a new webinar on Enriching protein corona fingerprints using gene ontology information: an integration technique. The webinar will be broadcast from The National Technical University of Athens(NTUA), Greece and should be of real interest to Nanosolutions partners and IAG members. The webinar takes place on the 29th October 2015, at 17:00 CET and you can join the webinar here (Meeting Password: enm321 – Meeting ID: 712-072-301)


Webinar eNanoMapper_29 Oct 2015


The eNanoMapper project is working towards developing a modular and extensible infrastructure for data sharing, data analysis, and building computational toxicology models for ENMs. A number of services are now available for calculating ENM-specific descriptors, developing nanoQSAR models and automated workflows for model selection or validation.

Along these lines, they present a methodology to incorporate biological information with omics data and specifically proteomics data originating from protein corona fingerprinting, which has been reported to efficiently predict biological responses such as cellular uptake, signalling, and toxicity. Their findings suggest that there is scope for further enhancement of protein corona data with biological information to allow for different protein weights according to their biological plausibility.

More information contact Georgia Tsiliki gtsiliki@central.ntua.gr

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