Nanocyl SA

logo_nanocylNanocyl S.A. (NCYL) was founded in 2002 with the goal to become the leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Nanocyl commercializes high-quality carbon nanotube products as raw carbon nanotubes (in powder form) or as carbon nanotubes based solutions (compounds based on CNTs dispersed in different matrices)

Nanocyl’s expertise is based on a strong R&D team made of researchers from different fields along with CNT production, modification and characterisation equipments (production reactors from lab scale to pilot unit, setups for CNT surface modification and/or doping, extruders, compounders and a broad range of characterization equipments). Nanocyl S.A. has built its expertise on former and ongoing projects at the national and European levels: FP6 Nanotox, FP6 Ambio, FP7 Dephotex, FP7 IMS&CPS, FP7 Insight, FP7 Lasercell, FP7 Recytube, FP7 SARISTU, FP7 Storage…

Our Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) commitment is foundational to Nanocyl’s plant design, working standards, and processing precautions, with the ultimate goal of preventing all accidents and injuries. Nanocyl takes an active role in progressing knowledge and data related to the HSE and LCA of the carbon nanotubes and has established a broad range of collaboration with most recognized institutions in various fields.

Nanocyl is also partners of other current and previous European projects dedicated to HSE issues of nanomaterials (e.g.FP7 Nanex,FP6 Inteltex,FP7 Marina).

Key Personnel