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logo_bordeaux1University Bordeaux-1, is one of the premier universities in France for science and technology (ranked top French university in Technology and Computer Science by the Shanghai ranking 2007). Located in Talence, the university is home to some 10,000 students, and hosts six major chemistry institutes in partnership with national science foundations. The university is experienced in handling different research contracts as part of its annual budget, totalling nearly 45 million Euros in 2012.

The laboratory of Prof. Didier Astruc, Member of the Institut Universitaire de France,  is located at  the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires that comprises about 250 members, including a hundred permanent staff (CNRS and University researchers, lecturers and technicians) and 150 PhD and postdoctoral students. Prof. Didier Astruc’ s laboratory focuses on various aspects of nanosciences including naonoparticules, dendrimers and polymers and their applications.

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