WP13: Dissemination and Exploitation

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The primary objective of this work package is to devise, manage and implement effective strategic communications for the NANOSOLUTIONS project that meet its overall aims and objectives in a pro-active manner.

By doing so, the project will play an active role in shaping EU policy by providing well-structured information on the safety classification of ENMs. Social awareness of the issues being addressed will be assured through structured communications, while fruitful collaboration with complimentary projects and standards bodies will be guaranteed.

The dissemination and communication WP has been designed to provide an effective promotion of achievements among the interested target audience as well as to raise visibility of the project at a regional, national, European and global scale. To fulfil these aims, the project will use conventional as well as innovative communication mechanisms, and will work through various carefully focused groups.

“Defining clear channels of communications between the project partners themselves as well as with wider, targeted, communities will play a crucial role in the success of the project”